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Leslie Bowman 1virtualprof

I'm Leslie Bowman (1virtualprof) author, editor, professor, instructional designer, living the laptop lifestyle.

 Leslie Bowman is a career educator whose experience includes public schools and college teaching, instructional design, and training and professional development for online faculty. Leslie Bowman is the author of Online Learning: A User Friendly Approach for High School and College Students and has presented topics in online teaching and learning at state and national conferences. Leslie Bowman designs and teaches online courses in Criminal Justice, English, Educational Technology, Communications, and Writing. Leslie Bowman 1virtualprof LinkedIn profile Facebook PAGE Academic Coaching and Faculty Mentoring COURSE DESIGN-DEVELOPMENT / QUALITY MATTERS COURSE REVIEW CERTIFICATION CLEMSON Pathway to Success Online Orientation Course WALDEN Project Lead-Developer for Competency-Based Modular Writing Program OZARKS TECHNICAL COLLEGE Online Faculty Training (Introduction to Online Teaching and Learning); Intro to CJ; Introduction to Sociology; American Justice and Punishment; Police/Community Relations; Criminal Procedures; Criminal Law; Cyber Crime CSU EAST BAY Current Issues in Online Learning LTU: Instructional Design for K-12 Webpages SONOMA COLLEGE Homeland Security Certificate Program Emergency Responder Courses SCHIFFMAN INSTITUTE (Askelon Israel)  Bullying in Schools: Intervention and Prevention SKYLIGHT PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT Using Online Resources in the K12 Classroom FACULTY MENTOR / LEAD FACULTY WALDEN  Graduate Writing I: Evaluative Skills and Persuasive Composition; Personal and Professional Communication; Critical Thinking and Logic; Communication and Teamwork in a Global Society; Advanced Reading Strategies; Succeeding on Academic and Professional Exams STRAYER UNIVERSITY Business Writing; Research and Writing; English Composition RASMUSSEN COLLEGE Research Writing; Developmental Writing; Intro to Criminal Justice MANAGEMENT ITT TECH INSTITUTE Director of Learning Resource Center NTB, INC. Owner/President; Principal Investigator CASA President of the Board of Directors ATLANTIC POOL SERVICE Personnel Director   CONFERENCE PRESENTATIONS VSTE Annual Conference: Roanoke VA Dec 2013Virginia Association of Teachers of English: Williamsburg VA October 2013 ASCUE, Association Supporting Computer Users in Education, Conference, Myrtle Beach SC, June 2013DLA2013 Distance Learning Administration Conference, Jekyll Island GA June 2013 17th Annual ETLC Educational Technology Leadership Conference, Roanoke VA December 2011 SALT Society for Applied Learning Technologies Conference, Arlington VA August 2011 NISOD, Austin TX May/June 2011 PBS Ed Tech Annual Conference, Petersburg VA March 2011 AFACCT 20th Annual Conference, Baltimore MD January 2010 PBS Ed Tech Annual Conference, Ashland VA February 2010 16th Annual ETLC Educational Technology Leadership Conference, Roanoke VA December 2010 16th Annual Sloan-C International Conference on Online Learning, Orlando FL November 2010 Mary Washington University Faculty Academy, Fredericksburg VA May 2002 SALT Society for Applied Learning Technologies Conference Arlington VA August 2002 CONFERENCE PRESENTATION/WORKSHOP INVITATIONS ECWCA East Central Writing Centers Association 2013 Conference, Clarion, PA EDUCAUSE 2011, Pre-Conference Half-Day Workshop Philadelphia PA October 2011 DTL Conference on Distance Learning and Teaching, Madison WI August 2011 DLA 2011, Savannah GA May 2011 NAMLE, Philadelphia PA July 2011 AAUP Annual Conference on State of Higher Education, DC June 2011 DTL Conference on Distance Teaching and Learning, Madison WI August 2005 NC DLA Distance Learning Alliance, Asheville NC May 2006 VISTA State Conference, Roanoke VA March 2006 DTL Conference on Distance Teaching and Learning, Madison WI August 2005BOOKS Bowman, L. (2013) Online Teaching and Learning: Communities of Practice (Amazon)Bowman, L. (2011) Grading Made Fast and Easy. Amazon Kindle Bowman, L. (2010). Online Learning: A User-Friendly Approach for High School and College Students. Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield Education. Scott, Jessa Lee (pseudonym). (2009) Winds of Gold. Amazon Kindle Bowman, L. (2003) The OTHER Network. In J. Baker & K. White (Eds.), Student Guide to Successful Online Learning: A Handbook of Tips, Strategies, and Techniques. Boston, MA: Allyn & Bacon. Bowman, L. (2002) Self Defense for Survival: The Road to Empowerment. Amazon Kindle   INTERVIEWS   Delisio, E. (2005). Get that degree from home. Education WorldMyles, M. (2013). Success as an online teacher. The Buzz. Obeekaybee.comNixon, T. (2003). Bears' Guide to Earning High School Diplomas Nontraditionally  Quinn, B. (2009). Highlighting 10 Creative Professors Teaching at Online Universities. Schiller, M. (2003). 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Leslie Bowman 1virtualprof's Background

Leslie Bowman 1virtualprof's Experience

Student Success Coach and QM Course Reviewer at Clemson University

January 2014 - Present | SC

Project Lead at Walden University


Coordinate modular learning project that provides a process for students to work on specific academic writing needs in self-directed modules with a faculty coach rather than a traditional instructor-led, paced course. Responsibilities: o Serve as faculty coach for program participants. o Coordinate and collaborate with content faculty to identify individual student's academic needs. o Set up module/content and corresponding assessments. o Provide a written report on the outcomes of the current pilot and future considerations. o Begin development of faculty-as-coach model training for future coaches.

Online Instructor at Ozarks Technical Community College

2005 - 2012

Course Development, Instructional Design, Online Instruction: Faculty Training SOC101 Introduction to Sociology CRJ110 Introduction to Criminal Justice CRJ120 American Justice and Punishment CRJ 210 Police/Community Relations CRJ220 Criminal Procedures SSM201 Cybercrime

Instructional Designer at Sonoma College

2004 - 2004

5 EMT Courses for Homeland Security Certification Program

Online Course Development and Instruction at NTB, Inc.

2000 - 2004

Private Workshops The Art of Interviewing Report Writing for Investigators Internet Safety for Adults and Students Identity Theft Stalking/Internet and Real Life Bullying in Schools: Prevention and Intervention Personal Safety: Awareness and Prevention

Investigator at Private Security: NTB, INC. American Security Group, Retail Asset Protection,

1996 - 2003

o Implemented strategies to prevent theft by shoplifters, vendor representatives, delivery personnel, store employees. o Conducted surveillance to detect and apprehend shoplifters. o Conducted internal investigations including locating surveillance equipment to detect and apprehend employee theft. o Conducted routine inspections of the facility to maintain physical security. o Monitored closed circuit television systems. o Maintained and rotated daily video surveillance tapes. o Enforced company standards as they relate to security and safety procedures. o Participated in the training of new hire associates in matters of loss prevention. o Conducted safety and physical security inspections of internal and external premises. o Handled difficult situations with diplomacy. o Analyzed and evaluated situations accurately. o Maintained routine records and documentation. o Operated and maintained all equipment necessary to perform the job. o Participated in questioning of employee-theft and shoplifter suspects. o Cooperated with and assisted local police officers called in for arrests of suspects o Prepared daily and incident-specific loss prevention and security reports o Insurance Fraud: surveillance (university campuses, shopping malls, neighborhoods, workplace); video and eye-witness documentation; court testimony o Child Custody (suspected neglect): undercover interactive (neighborhoods, summer homes at beach/lake/river, school pick-up and drop-off, shopping malls, grocery stores, analyzing daily/weekly trash); video and eye-witness documentation; court testimony. o Missing Persons: interviews; records and data research. o Pre-Employment and Background Investigations: interviews; records and data research (character, finances, criminal/civil activities). o Physical Surveillance (local and out-of-town: business hours, overnight, weekend): digital cameras, video equipment, written hourly documentation.

Online Instructor/Course Designer at California State University/Hayward

2002 - 2002

EDU6674 Current Issues in Online Learning

Investigator at BPS Investigations & American Security Group

1994 - 2002

Insurance Fraud Domestic Child Abuse Missing Persons Background Investigations

Director: Learning Resource Center at ITT Technical Institute

1999 - 2001

Responsible for print and online resources Assisted faculty and students in online research and writing

Board President & Field Investigator at CASA

1994 - 1999

Court Appointed Child Advocate President of Board of Directors Child Abuse/Neglect Investigator

Investigator at Sears, Inc

1996 - 1998

Retail Asset Protection/Loss Prevention

Classroom Teacher at Richmond City & Chesterfield Co Public Schools

1976 - 1996

Grades Kindergarten - Third

Online Instructor/Lead Faculty at Walden University


CSS8015 - Graduate Writing CSS6200 - Academic Integrity CSS8201 - Critical Thinking and Logic CSS8200 - A Practical Course in APA Style CSS8104 - Communication and Teamwork in a Global Society CSS8300 - Advanced Reading Strategies CSS8400 - Succeeding on Academic and Professional Exams EDUC 6610 Teacher as Professional EDUC 6661 Exploring New Technologies: The Impact on Society, Work and Education EDUC 6615 Effective Teaching Using Learning Styles and Multiple Intelligences EDUC 6662 MultiMedia Tools: How to Research, Plan and Communicate with Technology EDUC 6625 Habits of Mind: Thinking Skills to Promote Self-Directed Learning EDUC 6663 Integrating Technology in the Curriculum

Leslie Bowman 1virtualprof's Education

Quality Matters

2014 – 2014

QM Course Reviewer Certification

Fresno Pacific University

2005 – 2013

15 Grad Cred

Concentration: Literature, Writing, Language

California State University-Hayward

2000 – 2001


Concentration: Education


Graduate Certificate

Concentration: Criminal Justice

FEMA PD Training


Concentration: National Incident Management System

FEMA PD Training


Concentration: Incident Command System for Schools

Jones International University

6 Grad Cred

Concentration: Communications

New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology


Concentration: School Bomb Threat Assessment


18 Grad Cred

Concentration: English, Communication, Writing

Leslie Bowman 1virtualprof's Interests & Activities

Writing, camping, traveling, and teaching.

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